Glass is a hard, transparent material made from molten sand, lime, and soda. It does not sound especially nice, but it is one of the crafts that we are the most fascinated by. Glass is basically just molten sand because of high heat, but when it gets shaped and colored, the magic happens.


Sara recommends
It is so fascinating to see how a glassblower masters the extreme temperatures and design in one workflow. There is no such thing as: We just heat the glass and wait 10 minutes before we finish it. It is here and now. Sara loves to use her hands and she ‘sees’ with her fingers and therefore she will never become a glassblower. Touching the material does not combine well with hot glass. She is instead content to be fascinated and buys glass from skilled glassblowers and glassworks.


What is glass?
Today you can find many types of glass, such as lime-sodium bicarbonate glass, quartz glass, float glass, lead crystal glass and many more. Common to all types of glass is that they are primarily made of quartz sand (Silica) and several other substances, where the most common type of glass lime-soda glass consists of silica, aluminium oxide, sodium oxide and calcium oxide. A glass mixture is also called a 'xxxxxxxxx'.


The history of glass
Glass occurs naturally where quartz sand has been sufficiently heated. Clear glass was first invented 100 years C.E. in Syria, from where the art of glassblowing was spread throughout Europe. In the early beginnings, glass was only available to the very rich and used in e.g., palaces and churches. From the Middle Ages glass was produced so that it could also be used in public buildings, inns and in rich citizens houses. An actual mass production of glass did not start until the industrial revolution in the 19th century.


Glassblowers & glassworks
Today we sell glass from glassblower Aoife Soden and the glassworks Kodanska. Aoife Soden lives in Aarhus and is one of our personal favorites, and we have previously exhibited her glass art in Hornvarefabrikken. Kodanska is owned by the Danish woman Marie Graff, who gets her applied arts produced at the highly skilled glassworks in the Czech Republic.