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Hornvarefabrikken is the only ‘horn factory’ in Denmark

Beautiful 100 % natural drinking horn. The horn has been cleaned and rinsed thoroughly, but we always recommend that you clean your drinking horn yourself using a bottlebrush and soapy water before using it for the first time.

The ouside of the horn is only partly polished which make it possible for you to decorate the outside of the horn. The horn is polished 5 cm. in the open end which makes it comfortable to drink from. The inside of the horn is unprocessed, and NO chemicals or lacquers have been used anywhere.

Note: The drinking horn comes WITHOUT strap and holder. These items may be purchased separately.
Note: We state the approximate liquid capacity of the horn. This should be seen as a guideline only, as the exact volume of a given horn may vary, depending on shape and size.

Instructions: Full care instructions are included and available on the website under Instructions.

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