We love good craftsmanship and amazing design.

That is why we have spent a lot of time finding some amazing products from manufacturers with the same DNA as us, i.e. own production, focus on sustainability, great design and of course a good story behind it all. 


We must be able to tell the story of the craft, the manufacturer, and the great design. We spend a lot of effort on communicating the story behind the selected items, for example on signs in the store, in-house education, and through numerous visits at the manufacturers.


Own production
We have chosen the manufacturers based on the criteria, that they have their own production or have access to the production facilities. There are fantastic craftsmen and manufacturers all over the globe, and therefore it is not a requirement that the products are produced in Denmark. However, we do prefer that the products are produced in the EU, so that we have easier access to the production, cf. design development, and that transportation and environmental costs are reduced.


The manufacturers are also chosen based on the criteria that there must be an element of sustainability, fair trade, or ecology. It is important to us that the products life cycle leaves as little negative impact on society as possible. This means that we look for manufacturers who work determined towards various certification schemes, such as GOTS, Fairtrade and the UN's Global Compact.


Amazing design
We just love great design, where user-friendliness and a nice design come together. It can be both a classic design and innovation, or a product where new technology provides the opportunity to test materials and reach new heights. Sometimes we get directly involved in the design process and order a product to be made, which is sold exclusively by us. Other times we buy an already finished product.