Koustrup & Co.

Make your home more lovely with home accessories from Koustrup & Co. Here you will find posters, postcards, trays, tea towels, napkins, and poster frames.


We are totally in love with Koustrup & Co.'s universe of animals, plants, gardens, nature and not least their ecological outlook on life, which pervades everything they do - from their business model, materials, and to their beautiful motifs.


Sara recommends 
I was born and raised with ecology - before you could find it on the shelfs in the supermarket. I have preserved and cultivated my interest in ecology and sustainability into my adult life, both in my private life and in Hornvarefabrikken. That is why I am so happy about Koustrup, because we agree that we must take care of the environment and the nature around us. I like a lot of their simple motifs, which are based on the Danish and Nordic fauna and flora.


About Koustrup & Co.
Koustrup & Co. is a small family-owned company, which since 2011 has published books, posters, and postcards, but in recent years the collection has also expanded into trays, tea towels, bed linen, napkins, and poster frames. Koustrup & Co. collaborates with many different artists, designers, and illustrators, among others the well-known Danish designer Jim Lyngvild.