Baby and child spoons

A baby spoon is particularly suitable for the first bowl of porridge and the necessary baby vitamin drops, which the National Board of Health and the health nurse recommend. Your baby can also safely gnaw on a horn spoon if its teething and the gums are sore.


Children´s spoon 
The children´s spoon is perfect when your child starts eating by itself. The horn spoon is good to practice with because it is both easy to hold and it is safe to bite the spoon. A horn spoon also has the advantage that it does not make as much noise as other spoons if your child starts playing on the table and on bowls. The children´s spoon can follow your child for many years if treated properly.


Care instructions - IMPORTANT
A baby and children´s spoon in horn is only intended for feeding your child. Only use the spoon when the food has cooled to body temperature.


Sara recommends
I have four children, all of whom have used a horn spoon for the baby vitamin D drops, the first porridge and when they themselves started eating. We used an egg spoon in horn for the drops and the first feeding. Not until the kids themselves could hold the spoon did they get a baby and children's spoon.

Photo: Chris Tonnesen