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Can you think of anything better than a boiled egg on a lovely weekend morning? And of course, the discussion of whether the egg should be hard-boiled or soft-boiled. But which egg spoon should you use - or even more important: which...
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Mere om Egg spoons

Can you think of anything better than a boiled egg on a lovely weekend morning? And of course, the discussion of whether the egg should be hard-boiled or soft-boiled. But which egg spoon should you use - or even more important: which material should your egg spoon be made out of, to give you the best taste experience?


Today you can get egg spoons made out of steel, mother of pearl, wood, plastic, silver and horn. The egg spoons of metal have several advantages, one of them being that they are dishwasher safe. On the other hand, the material is ‘cold’ and gives a metallic taste experience, if you eat eggs with a silver spoon. With a horn spoon you can be sure that the taste experience remains unspoiled, as horn does not react chemically with food, and you therefore avoid affecting the flavor undesirable. 

When you experience that the silver spoons you use for eggs turn dark and tarnished, it is because the egg contains sulfur, which reacts with the silver. The silver spoon can also, over time, become tarnished simply due to exposure to atmospheric air. Of course, you can always solve this problem by polishing up your silverware.


The design of the egg spoon
An egg spoon should be long enough to where you can get the spoon down to the bottom of the egg with a firm grip. The challenge design-wise is the shape of the ‘head’ of the spoon, which is the wider and hollow part of a spoon. Some people want a narrow spoon so that they can easily get the spoon and the egg out of the hole in the shell, while others prefer a wider spoon so that the egg on the spoon does not fall off so easily. Therefore, we have several different spoon designs, some being wide and others narrower, but the length is almost the same.


You can, of course, use the horn egg spoon for other things than eggs. We like to use the spoon for caviar and jam, while others use it as a baby spoon because horn spoons are ‘soft’ on the gums.


Hornvarefabrikken's egg spoons

Hornvarefabrikken has been making egg spoons out of horn since 1935, and we have made a lot, - really a lot. Throughout the years the production of egg spoons grew so much that in the 1960s Hornvarefabrikken bought the factory's first metal tool to punch or press out the egg spoons - and we still use the tool. The egg spoon is among our best-selling spoons because its size allows you to use it for so many things. Another reason being that for several years we have made a horn spoon for Georg Jensen, which was sold in their stores all around the world.

To boil eggs

Along with boiled eggs also comes the discussion of how long the egg should be boiled: do you want a soft-boiled egg, a medium-boiled egg, where the white and the outer part of the plum is firm but with a soft center, or do you want hard-boiled eggs?

  • Soft-boiled egg: 4 minutes
  • Medium-boiled: 6-8 minutes
  • Hard-boiled egg: 10 minutes (and no longer than that, because you risk the egg becoming hard and rubbery)


Note that the cooking time of course depends on the size of the egg. There are also several good egg cookers, but we prefer to cook our eggs in a regular pot.


To peel an egg

If you eat boiled eggs for breakfast, just remove the top of the eggshell to make room for the egg spoon. Soft-boiled eggs can be a little tricky to handle because whites and plums are partially liquid.


Why are some eggs difficult to peel?

It is the age of the egg that affects how easy an egg is to peel. The fresher the egg, the better the shell and membrane will stick. If you have very fresh eggs, you can use a helpful tip including vinegar, which you simply add to the water in the pot before boiling the eggs. The vinegar softens the eggshell, and it will therefore be much easier for you to peel the eggs. You can use both plain vinegar and apple cider vinegar.


Natural product

Our spoon for eggs is a 100% natural product. We do not add any varnishes or chemicals so you can feel safe using our spoons for babies, children, and adults. The horn spoon achieves its high gloss simply by removing horn layers when we produce the spoons. It is important that you treat the egg spoon correct, e.g. when cleaning the spoons. Therefore, always follow the instructions that you receive when you buy the spoon or find on our website.


Why choose an egg spoon made of horn?

There are several good reasons to use an egg spoon made of horn:

  1. A horn spoon does not give off flavor to your eggs.
  2. It is pleasant to eat with a horn spoon, as the horn material is 'varm'.
  3. The horn spoon is a 100% natural product.


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